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Brenda was in a quandary because she had attempted to castrate her ex-husband. He held a hammer over her head if she sued for any alimony or child care she would have her charged with attempted murder. So the bastard had walked away from the divorce Scott free didn't have to pay alimony or child care for her thirteen-year-old daughter. Brenda needed a man to pay the bills and put a roof over her head. In her haste to find a sugar daddy, she became involved with a slick-talking misogynistic lover who controlled her and her daughter's life. When she attempted to escape from his control he threatened to kill her and her entire family. There was only one way to be rid of him forever. She had to set a trap using her most beloved possession.


The novel "Where is Henry? "is the first of a trilogy of international crime novels. Covering the globe from the United States to Thailand , Burma, and the far east. A worldwide cabal of drug dealers, illegal importation of ghost weapons, white slavery, nuclear tipped weapons, contract murder, whose aim is to bring down the government of the United States. The cabal is tracked around the world by secret agent Marjorie Swift, an ex- black op and director of worldwide secret operations. Will Henry be found and stopped before time runs out?

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